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Bathroom Essentials Blender
Bathroom Elements Blender Featured Flow Interior Essentials

Introducing Bathroom Essentials

We are happy to introduce our brand new asset library for Blender named Bathroom Essentials, that is the unique extension to our Interior Essentials collection!


New Assets

Bathroom Essentials comes with over 200 completely new models, focusing on the modern and traditional bathroom designs. Discover the possibility of creating the dream bathrooms within minutes, with no need of searching for extra assets anywhere else! Within Bathroom Essentials, you will find bathroom equipment, accessories, decorations and even more miscellaneous objects!

Along the models, there comes the bunch of most useful materials, essential in creating any bathroom models in Blender.

Using the assets will help you to create amazing and realistic bathroom scenes within minutes!

Tiles Generator

There is more! You can now create infinite number of tiles patterns, by using our tiles generator, that can convert any seamless and repeatable set of textures into the randomized tiles pattern, based on one of three built-in base patterns! (checker tiles, brick tiles or hexagonal tiles). Create procedural and unique tiles with no effort, making your bathroom look even more realistic!

Powered by Flow Pro

And as always, the library is powered by our Flow addon, what makes the workflow even quicker, easier and more enjoyable for any Blender user! Flow Pro will be always included with Bathroom Essentials. And all the assets are also accessible with Blender Asset Browser

Get Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom Essentials is now available on BlenderMarket!

There is a special offer for all Interior Essentials Pro and Architecture Elements users! Use the promo code essentials-discount to get 10$ off the Bathroom Elements! Works only until the end of November, so be quick!


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