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Surface Painter 1.1 for Blender
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Surface Painter 1.1 – New Features

Surface Painter 1.1 has been recently released with some new amazing features. Check out the full changelog below:

  • Adding custom Surfaces – the feature anticipated by many users has been added to the addon. You can now add your very own custom node groups as surfaces from inside the shader editor. How to do that is described in the updated Surface Painter tutorial
  • Recently used Surfaces – you can see the last 15 surfaces you have used in your project and simply select any of them to automatically restore it’s settings in the Surface Painter, without the need of picking the surface and color again
  • Pick surface – use the new special eyedropper tool to select the surface with color from the model. If the picked material has been created by Surface Painter, it’s settings will be automatically restored in the tool.
  • Paint mode: Seam – new paint mode has been added. You can now paint on the area limited by UV Seam
  • Displacement support for Surfaces – Surfaces nodes can now have the Displacement output, that will be automatically connected to the Material Output’s Displacement socket when using Surface Painter
  • Surface Painter N-panel is disabled – To prevent stacking dozens of addon panels, the Surface Painter panel has been disabled by default. You can enable it in the addon’s preferences. Surfaces properties has been moved to the Surface Painter tab in the Blender default Item panel
  • Several improved surfaces & new surfaces – we’ve provided several minor fixes to most of the current surfaces, but also introduced some new surfaces types like fabric, metal foil or candle.
  • Minor UI changes & bugfixes – as always we provided some minor changes and bugfixes to improve the stability and user’s experience.


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